Show Spotlight: Circa Survive at Canal Club

By: Abbey Elliott
Photos By: Brandon Hambright

Last month we had the honor of having Circa Survive and Citizen in Richmond, VA. While all of our shows are special occasions, this one in particular was extra special. With only two bands on the bill Richmond turned out in full force for these musical greats; selling out the show before the bands hit the stage. The energy in the venue was infectious, making us feel like we were reliving our first concert.
The first band to perform that night was Circa Survive’s long time friends and tour support, Citizen. After watching their set, we soon understood why Circa liked to tour with them and why there were only two bands on the bill. You could tell that these guys put their heart and soul into their music and the crowd could tell too. Citizen might have come on with only a few fans but left with hundreds more. Their performance was so good that I thought Circa could hardly do better.

But this is Circa Survive we are talking about here… of course they would be awesome.

When Circa Survive hit the stage it felt like we were in the presence of gods. My heart was pumping and my hair was on edge. In a way, their talent was like a sucker punch in the face; but one that you actually want. They way they moved and played together made it seem like they were one giant multi dimensional musical being. (This the place were I would say: “and the crowd goes wild!) They definitely knew how to move the crowd. People were crowd surfing, singing at the top of their lungs and climbing over each other to try and get a look at the band. It was a sight to behold and an experience we at Aspire hope no one would forget.