Local Of The Month: In Your Memory

Interview by: Abbey Elliott
Photos by: James Harper, Agnes Owusu and David Weaver.

The members of In Your Memory are hardly your typical rock band. Their high energy personalities emanate through their music and stage performances, giving the fans a music experience like no other. At the end of July this five piece, comprised of Troy Humphrey, John Shepard, Alex Scott, Omar Veras and Casey Reid, is set to release their new album Failure To Launch.  I recently sat down with the group to talk about life, how they came to be and what inspired them to write this album.

So you guys formed in 2012, tell me how you guys came about forming In Your Memory? Any funny stories?

Casey: In Your Memory started with only Troy, John and Alex, playing as a three piece. Eventually, they met Omar who became lead guitarist and helped rebrand the band as In Your Memory.
Omar: *laughs* yeah. Oddly enough everyone we met thought that Casey and I started the band. But we were the last to join.
Omar: But yeah. Alex and John knew each other growing up. They were in a few other bands but ended up not fitting their vibe, so they decided to form their own band where they could do their own thing on their own terms. Because they were in need of a bassist they found Troy on Craigslist shortly after. They also tried out a few guitarists before me and Casey but didn’t really click. So once I joined we created the name In Your Memory and the rest is history.

So how long has the band with the current members be together?

Omar: Well I’ve been part of the group for about 5 years and Casey joined a little after that.
Casey: I believe I joined around 2014, I wanna say; which would be around 3 or so years.
Omar: I think the other guys were together about year before I joined.

You guys consider yourselves a “sloppy vicious rock band”, funny tag for your style of music. Tell me a little about why you name yourselves that?

Casey: Sloppy Vicious is a testament to our live performance since we often sacrifice perfection for a vivid and energetic live show. We’re a rock band at the end of the day who really likes to get wild live.
Omar: The origin of that came from Troy specifically. It wasn’t anything too crazy. We had one of those nights where we were finding ourselves live. It was all chaotic; it was sloppy and people were jumping all over the place and breaking stuff. We just thought it was cool. After the show, at like 2 am while were were driving back Troy was like “dude, that was vicious.” And everyone was like “yeah dude” and he was like “no, that was like sloppy vicious.” And it just kinda stuck from there.

Would you consider your new album to emulate that sound?

Casey: To be honest, I really don’t feel that it is nearly as sloppy vicious as we once were. This album is definitely much more mature than our previous albums. Especially songwriting, but we still plan on giving it my all at our live shows.

How did you come about writing this album? Did you guys come up with a theme?

Casey: Writing the album was a long and difficult process.  Some of these songs were several years old and needed work. All in all, over 50 songs and ideas were thrown together and torn apart and rebuilt. Which, in a way, would make them Frankenstein songs. Bits and pieces of ideas were thrown together and evolved into what we have on the final project. Omar and I are the songwriters of the bands, so if you want the brutal truth, there was a fair amount of arguing about sound and direction. Of course we finally came to an agreement on the songs that ended up on our final product and were able to have everyone add their personal touch.
Omar: Yeah, this was really the first time that Casey was really involved since he came in later.
Omar: But yeah, when writing the album, we did try and sit together and talk about a theme but we all decided to keep it authentic and not force a theme. We just wanted to talk about what was real to us and what our strengths are. Not pander to a specific genre or sound.

So how many songs ended up on the album since you had a lot to work and choose from?

Casey: We ended up with 8 songs. Even though it took a while to compile and layer everyone’s pieces.

Ok cool guys, so before I let you go. Do you guys have any last remarks or quotes you live by. Since you’re releasing new music… Is there one thing you want the world to know about your band?

Casey: What is a spork? Is it a fork or spoon? What is it’s purpose? I’ve been trying to figure out what it means for forever.
Omar: *laughs* it’s wack. That’s what In Your Memory is… wack.
Omar: But seriously. To answer the question; reflecting on this last year and this record and all the points that we have gone through leading up to the release. I think there is a reason we decided to move forward with the name Failure to Launch. I mean, truly, in order to succeed you have to fail. It only makes sense that if you can’t get together at your worst then when you’re at your peak you will definitely fall and crumble.

You can grab a copy of their new album, Failure To Launch, at their album release show on the 28th this Friday the 28th at The Rock and Roll Hotel in Washington D.C.

Grab your tickets here. 

Before then, make sure to check out their single F2L. You won’t regret it.






You can also catch In Your Memory on the End of Summer Tour with Victorian Halls:

*^July 28th – Washington D.C. @Rock and Roll hotel
*July 29th– Philadelphia, PA @Creep Records
*Aug 2nd – Covington, KY @The Thomson House
Aug 3rd– Chicago, IL @The Cubby Bear
Aug 4th– Barrington, IL @Penny Road Pub
Aug 5th– Warren, MI @The Ritz
Aug 6th– Indianapolis, IN @Bloomington
Aug 8th– Cleveland, OH @Now That’s Class
Aug 9th– Buffalo, NY @Stamps
Aug 10th– Manchester, NH @Bungalows
Aug 12th– Providence, RI @Dusk
Aug 13th– Long Branch, NJ @Brighton Bar
*Aug 25th– Fredericksburg, VA @The Recreation Center
*Aug 26th– Morgantown, WV @123 Pleasant Street
*Sept 8th– Stroudsburg, PA @Sherman Showcase
*Sept 9th– Altoona, PA @McGarveys

*In Your Memory Only
^With Better Homes (Check out our article with them here)

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