Local Of The Month: President Sam


Music fans across the board have had an amazing 2017 so far. All of our favorite national bands are rearing to release new music and going on tour. Some of us are worried we won’t have enough money to go to every show we want to see. Even tough RVA has a ton of awesome national acts rolling through our great city we have some locals that we definitely cannot forget. Luckily tickets to their shows won’t break the bank!

One of those bands is our very own President Sam. Lead by the fiery Emma Oakley on vocals, Sam Partridge on Drums, Mason Lloyd on bass, Jacob Reed and Rick Heretick on guitar. The band originally formed as a side project in 2014 as a musical outlet for the members. After a few months as an experimental garage rock band, they found their calling as a more serious band. Later that year they began recording their first single Brilliant Nights. Shortly after releasing the single on SoundCloud, the band took a break after loosing their original guitarist. Within a few short months the group was back with fresh blood and attitude you can’t help but love. Since their return, they have been making a major splash in the RVA music scene, playing multiple local show cases and opening for bands like Metro Station and His Dream of Lions.

Now in 2017, President Sam is fixing to release their debut EP titled Sounds Like Summer February 20th with a sneak peek February 17th at The Canal Club.  Accompanying them on this special night will be Last Night’s Ghosts, Deep Creek, Spacemere and Dropping Ugly, all of whom also hail from Richmond and have released music recently. Fans of everything from Kings of Leon to the Front Bottoms will find something to enjoy about Sounds Like Summer, and we hope that President Sam will serve at least another term in the Richmond scene and beyond!

The band would also like to thank Pedro Aida at Audio Vertie for his talent and dedication.
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Photo credit: Billy at Through It All Photography


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