Locals You Should Know: DMV Music Released in September

Each month we bring you some of the best music released in the DC / Maryland / Virginia music scene. This September was filled with some great singles, EP’s, and albums. Check out the list and find your new favorite band!


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Skyward – Skyward (Full Length)

Released: Sept 30th

Genre: Pop / Rock

FFO: Grizfolk, Neon Trees, PVRIS


She’s A Legend – Room 434

Released: Sept 16

Genre: Pop / Rock

FFO: Our Lady Peace, Cute is What We Aim For, Something Corporate


Venus Milo – Nicotine

Released: Sept 9th

Genre: Rock

FFO: Modern Baseball and RVA locals Manatree.


Mirrors – Dr.

Released: Sept 21st

Genre: Metalcore

FFO: Reflections, currents, sworn in


Space Koi – Skank James

Released: Sept 1st

Genre: Rock/ Ska

FFO: Sublime, Coltrane


RVNT – Buried Alive

Released: Sept 26th

Genre: Metalcore

FFO: The Plot In You, Like Moths to Flames, ERRA


Lady God – Lady God #2

Released: Sept 18th

Genre: Rock n’ Roll

FFO: The Beatles and any old school British bands


A Collegiate Affiar – Catalyst

Released: Sept 15th

Genre: Pop punk / Rock

FFO: Newfound Glory, Broadside, Simple Plan


My Way – OMG

Released: Sept 14th

Genre: Funk Rock

FFO: The Doors, Dave Matthews Band, Zappa


Fist Ov Nails – Your Tongue is Filthy

Released: Sept 9

Genre: Slam

FFO: Crowdkilling



I Am The Rapture – Ambivalence

Released: Sept 25th

Genre: Metal

FFO: Pantera, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hatebreed


Veles – Farewells

Released: Sept 15th

Genre: Metalcore

FFO:  Reflections, Architects, Sworn In


Abyssea – Leviathan



Deihl – Safe Place


Earthworm Von Doom – Call of the Worm


Galaxy Dynamite – Back to Square One