Locals You Should Know: DMV Music Released in August

Summer heated up for its last hurrah this August, and the music that came out was equally fire. Check out this very diverse list of VA / DC / MD bands and artists who released music in August!

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Various Artists – The Lipstick Revolt Mixtape

Released: August 1st

Genre: Rap/ hip hop

If you’re looking for something a little different than what is usually on our list, check out this awesome sampler of female-fronted hip-hop! The beats go hard and the hooks are tight. Find your new favorite local artist here.


Threesound – Different Spaces

Released: August 11th

Genre: Rock

“Bumblebee” is the band’s lead single off their upcoming (now released) album “Different Spaces”. The band gives us a glimpse of the catchy, infectious groovy hooks to come on the whole album with this lighthearted bouncy love song.


Milo In The Doldrums – Honest Abe

Released: August 24th

Genre: Alt Rock

Milo in the Doldrums’s instantly catchy new single combines the best parts of Kings of Leon and Radiohead, with effortless, catchy vocals give way to shredding yet tasteful guitar solos. The only downside of the track is that it is only 2:46 and leaves the listener needing more!


Young Fool  – Blue Days Ep

Released: August 25th

Genre: Old Timey

Blue Days 3 song EP is a great little album that has a great range of emotions in tandem with great musical talent. Check out Sweet Georgia Peaches and you’ll definitely love it as musch as we do.


Dead Professional – You and Me Both

Released: August 12th

Genre: Rock

This two-song EP is very remanence of Bob Dylan with its own modern singer songwriter flare. When listening, it’s best to imagine you are on a train with images of your life passing by out of the windows.


Hollow Bodies – Tell Tale

Released: August 5th

Genre: Metal

“Tell Tale” gives much to be anticipated from Hollow//Bodies’ upcoming album. Catchy chorus, Korn-influenced aggressive verses are second nature to the band at this point. The song pairs well with Hulk Hands and a grudge.


Lunar Phases  – The Sound-Check Sessions

Released: August 6th

Genre: Alternative

Lunar Phase shows off an impressive amount of influences and musicianship, yet still keeps the melodies memorable. This 2-song EP is for fans of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime, and Rage Against the Machine.


The Mantras – Knot Suite

Released: August 24th

Genre: Prog Rock

The first single off of their upcoming album, Knot Suite brings the 60’s acid rock back with some chill guitar solos, funky vocals, and a jam vibe.


Heavens Die – The Hands of Man

Released: August 12th

Genre: Hardcore

Riffy, unpolished hardcore with blast beats an underlying positive message. For fans of Twitching Tongues and push-moshing.


The Grace Hookers – Idk It Fo You Josh

Released: August 3rd

Genre: Ambient Garage


This song is super unique and I honestly can’t even try to put it in any genre. It has a mind of its own and it just super awesome to listen to.