Locals You Should Know: DMV Music Released in July

Summer hits its stride in July and apparently so do local bands! Check out some of the coolest tracks, EP’s and singles from our great local scene released in the month of July.

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Azores – Under Pressure Man / Strawberry Cowtails
Released: July 15th
Genre: Rock/ Power Pop
Off of their upcoming album Azores two singles are fun upbeat power pop/ rock that reminds you of 60s acid rock with elements of modern pop music.


Illiterate Light – Chest II (single)
Released: July 28th
Genre: Alternative
Illiterate Light’s newest single is totally chill psychadelic alt rock with Allman Brother flavor for the inner hippy.


Set for Tomorrow – Last Laugh
Released: July 9th
Genre: Metal
This album blends hooks with breakdowns in a refreshing way that never ceases to be interesting or catchy.


Alukah – Grievance EP
Released: July 2nd
Genre: Death Metal
Quickly growing as one of the heaviest MD locals, Alukah’s EP lives up to their live show reputation with great guitar work, relentless blast beats, and insane gutturals.


Dazeases – Welcome Back Ep
Released: July 14th
Genre: Indie Pop
Dazeases’s new EP is not for the faint of heart. It’s multi-dimensional and emotional layers invoke a sense of longing each time you listen.


Dagger Moon – Citadel
Released: July 1st
Genre: Doom Metal
Under the new name, Dagger Moon’s new album listens like a doom/ synth symphony with each song feeling like different emotional Act in a larger piece.


Teen Suicide – Greatest Trick & Sycamore
Released: July 22nd
Genre: Indie Pop
Final songs under the original name, Teen Suicides singles have fun creative melodies that wave a goodbye to their old days and hello to the days ahead as a new band.


Left Cross – Servants of Death
Released: July 16th
Genre: Death Metal
Unapologetically brutal low vocals over punk-inspired riffs. We are unsure whether to mosh, slam, hardcore dance, or two-step.


His Dream of Lions – He Was a Gentlemen
Released: July 28th
Genre: Indie Rock
A little different from the typical music video, His Dream of Lions’ new video is just pure behind-the scenes fun that tantalizes the audience with a quick look at the life of a touring band.


Better Homes – Hounds
Released: July 15th
Genre: Pop Punk
Better Home’s new single is definitely a refreshing take on the modern pop punk sound with upbeat lyrics and catchy melody. Don’t we all just love a strong female lead? I Certainly do.