Locals You Should Know: DMV Music Released in June

 This month, we bring you 10 amazing bands (and a few more) from the DC / MD / VA region who released music in June. Everyone from metalheads to pop fans will find something to fall in love with on this list. The best part is that their shows are right in your backyard! 







The Smirks – “Sweaty Situations”

Released: June 6th

Genre: Punk/ Indie

The Smirks give good old garage acid punk a welcoming girlish flare.


Josie McQueen – “Say What You Will”

Released: June 8th

Genre: Rock

Josie Mcqueen’s latest album brings British alt rock back with a garage feel and clean vocals.


Kept at Bay – “Something Honest EP”

Released: June 9th

Genre: Pop-Punk

Following their single release of their single “Contrast”, Something Honest follows suite with unedited teenage angst and a fresh take on the pop punk sound.


Vacive – “Personalities EP”         

Released: June 2nd

Genre: Metalcore

Vacive’s debut EP sets the bar high with a fantastic mix of hardcore guitar riffs and clean vocals. It’s clearly unique with nods to other popular post-hardcore bands.


BANDREW – “In The Mean Time”

Released: June 25th

Genre: Alt rock

Bandrew’s full length is definitely an album for lovers of 90s Rock, mixed with a little alternative and modest mouse. The album has a nice variety that keeps the listener on their toes.


Face Value “Thick as Thieves”

Released: June 3rd

Genre: Rock

In their new EP, Face Value reawakens the inner early 2000’s pop punk kid with fresh fun guitar riffs and vocals. The album makes you just want to get up and move.


Fire Street – “Fire Street EP”

Released: June 25th

Genre: Rock

Fire Street’s latest EP has a nice mix of funky fresh guitar licks and raw vocals.

Snow.Drift – “We’ll Be Home Soon”

Released: June 24th

Genre: Ambient Pop

We’ll Be Home Soon is a totally chill upbeat ambient pop album that accommodates all music lovers looking to slow things down.


Skyward – “Animal”

Released: June 24th

Genre: Rock/Alternative

Skywards first single off of their upcoming album; Animal gives a nice variation on alternative rock and reels you in for the big event.


Mending Fences – “Bridges”

Released: June 18th

Genre: Rock/ Alternative

Their first song as a new band, Mending Fences tantilizes the listener with chill vibes of a “bridge” song for their upcoming album.



Common Caskets / Genosha – “Split EP”

Released: June 9th

Genre: Metal

Two up-and-coming VA metal bands combining to put out one sweet split EP.


Inquiry – “Ghost Poet”

Released: April 30th

Genre: Post-Hardcore

The band took a leap in a bold direction. If you like Dance Gavin Dance or Hail the Sun, you have a new favorite band.