Locals You Should Know: DMV music released in May

Photo by Billy Collier
The collective DC, MD and VA music scene (commonly referred to as “the DMV”) is thriving with tons of amazing, unique bands. Many of these bands release music that goes unnoticed however. We hope that in this list you can discover music you hadn’t previously heard that you can fall in love with. Enjoy!
Kept at Bay – Contrast (Single)
Released: May 13th
Genre: Poppunk
Mature, contemplative pop punk with a catchy beat and lyrics that tells a story of the battle between friendship and real life.

The Barons – Rattle & Light up (Singles)
Released: May 27th
Genre: Rock
Fun and catchy Rock n’ roll with great musical flare you can’t help but dance to.

A Collegiate Affair – Fire (Single)
Released: May 5th
Genre: Poppunk
Pop punk with a catchy beat and pure, powerful vocals you can’t help but love
Milo and the Doldrums – Milo in the Doldrums
Released: May 10th
Genre: indie
A chill indie album with notes of punk, the blues and a little bit of country finished with a slight melancholoy taste.
Ruin – Make Me Your Will
Released: May 30th
Genre: Melodic Hardcore
Unrelenting spiritually-fueled hardcore for fans of Counterparts.Thoughtout – Dry Your Eyes (single)
May 13th
Genre: pop Punk
Raw edgy pop punk sound with a similar raw emotional vibe.Get In The Car – Get In The Car
Released: May 18th
Genre: Post Punk Noir
Raw and edgy sound with nods to old school British punk bands.Solar Tantrums – Self-Titled EP
Released: May 18th
Genre: Indie
A little bit of guitar with a little synth and listless vocals that’s good for the indie soul.Seawhorse – Emilio Al Dente
Released: May 15th
Genre: Surf rock
In this live album, Seawhorse is bringing it back to the 60s with chill catchy surf music that makes you sea waves.

Sleave – Shell (Single)
May 23rd
Genre: Punk/ indie rock
A delightful mix of punk vocals with old school rock undertones finished off with a catchy guitar solo.


Silent on Fifth Street – Better Off Dead (single)
Genre: Deathcore
Brutal MD deathcore for fans of Black Dahlia Murder, guitar solos, and blast beats.


Moving Out – 10 Hour Drive (single)
Genre: Ambient pop rock / acoustic
Dreamy, ambient sad boy pop punk that’s sure to be a sad-core hit.


Here are some bands who released great music BEFORE May:

Lucy in Battle Armor – Cream Trim
Released: March 26th

The Ivins – Stockholm Syndrome (single)
Released: April 8th

Accident Prone – Love. Hate.
Released: January 21st

Out On The Weekend – Stay Gold
Released: April 8th