This Weekend in Photos: Whitechapel and Born of Osiris

This weekend’s shows were truly unforgettable, and 10 year milestones for each particular headliner. We want to thank all who attended Whitechapel (thurs) and Born of Osiris (sat). If you missed either show, here’s what you missed!
5.19.16 – Whitechapel “Decade of the Blade Tour ” @ The Canal Club
We were very excited to be a part of Whitechapel’s “Decade of the Blade” 10 year anniversary tour and to see them one more time in an intimate setting before they head to Warped Tour.
Virginia Beach locals I, Ohms started the night off with a short, but intense set. The crowd immediately took to their blend of metalcore and djent styles, despite being their Richmond debut. Make sure to check them out!
Enterprise Earth kicking off the tour package with a bang! (photo by Alec Proctor)


The Plot in You connected with fans literally… with a fist bump! Photo by Alec Proctor


“We haven’t played Richmond since 2013… We are so thankful to be back” – Fit For a King Photo by Alec Proctor


Metalblade decided to fly out from LA to shoot a live music video for Whitechapel… And the crowd went nuts!

Phil Bozeman of Whitechapel Photo by Alec Proctor


Whitechapel mid-headbang Photo by Alec Proctor


Whitechapel performing at “Decade of the Blade” tour Photo by Billy Collier


5.20.16 – Born of Osiris (Sumerian Ten Year Tour) @ The Canal Club

We were very thankful to host Sumerian’s 10 Year Anniversary Tour and such influential bands here in Richmond! The night was truly unforgettable.

New local favorites Hollow//Bodies set tone for the night with their high-energy set! Photo by Billy Collier


Bad Omens, Sumerian’s hottest new band, made their Richmond debut one to remember. Photo by Billy Collier
ERRA’s new frontman JT Cavey was perfect! Photo by Billy Collier


After the Burial - Canal Club - 5/21/16

After the Burial had some SERIOUS chops, with their flawless set. Photo by Annamarie NyiradyUpon a Burning Body - Canal Club - 5/21/16
Everything is Bigger in Texas… Upon a Burning Body always is a party! Photo by Annamarie Nyirady
Born of Osiris Photo by Billy Collier