Q: Where is Aspire Presents located?

A: Operates out of it’s offices in Northern Virginia


Q: How do I get tickets to an Aspire Presents event?

A: You can purchase tickets to all concerts at TICKETFLY.COM and you can very often purchase tickets from local artists on specific shows that allow local support.


Q: Do you take all forms of payment at the door?

A: Each venue has it’s own method of payments that they accept at the door. A lot of times they only take CASH at the door, but have an ATM on site. Please come with cash.


Q. If a show is cancelled, how to I get a refund?

A: If you purchased tickets online with a credit card, you will automatically be refunded. If you purchased tickets from an outlet or a local artist, you must get a refund from the point of purchase. If you won tickets from a local radio station or promotion and the show is cancelled you do not get tickets to another concert.


Q: I purchased tickets to see the opener and they cancelled, can I get a refund?

A: Openers and support are subject to change. Whether you liked the opening band more, you purchased tickets to the headliners concert, and we cannot offer refunds for support changing.

You can get a refund for the following reasons only: 1. if the Headliner has cancelled, 2. the performance date or time has significantly changed to a time that you are unable to attend, 3. Weather makes the performance not able to go on, 4. The venue location has been changed to the point that it makes it impossible for you to attend. You may not receive a refund because you liked one venue over another, and the date and time has not changed.

General rule: All sales are final, No Refunds, No exchanges unless a show is cancelled. For questions concerning your online purchase please visit: http://ticketfly.com


Q: The website says sold out. Can I still get tickets?

A: There are times when we release more tickets closer to the show for a variety of reasons. These times are very rare, but does happen. Most other times sold out means sold out.


Q: How do I contact Aspire Presents?

A: You can contact us by sending an email to:

General Inquiries: info@aspirepresents.com

National Booking (Booking Agents) / Advertising & Marketing:

Social Media, local / regional artists, Advertising & Marketing:

We do not reply to Facebook or Social Media messages to our personal pages or to our company page.

Q: Times

A: Check each individual show listing for specific door and show times. Typically the concert will start 30 minutes after the doors open, but each show will vary.


Q: Rules – Can I bring food and drinks in to the show?

A: Each venue has it’s own specific rules, please be sure to check the specific venues and their rules.

General rules:

  • Please arrive at the concert with your tickets, ID’s, and any other things that you will need during the show.
  • Please leave backpacks and large bags in the car or at home.
  • Do not bring outside food or beverages of any kind into the venue. If the venue does not serve food, make plans to eat prior to or after the concert.
  • Do not bring any weapons into Aspire Presents concerts. Leave all pocket knives, mace / pepper spray, knives, and guns at home or in your car. We have ample security at all of concerts and want to create a safe concert going environment for all patrons.
  • Please do not bring any pets to concerts.
  • All bags and persons are subject to search upon entry.
  • Basically do not bring markers, paint, weapons, drugs, outside food or beverages. Please do not bring fliers or posters for other events, Absolutely no outside solicitation of any kind is allowed.
  • Please arrive early and plan to wait in line with proper ID and tickets for entry.

Q: Can I take pictures?

A: Each show has its own policies set forth by the artists. Venues typically have a policy of No Professional Cameras and Video are allowed. Anything larger than a cell phone is not permitted inside of the venues. If you do have permission set forth by the artist to take photos with a professional camera, you may not use the flash at any times, you may not get backstage or stage access, you can only take photos during the 1st 3 songs of the headliner, after that no photos may be taken, even with a photo pass. If you enter into one our concerts with a photo pass, you are agreeing that Aspire Presents may request and use any photos as seen fit.


Q: Are your concerts ALL AGES?

A: Typically our concerts are All Ages, however some venues have age restrictions. All Ages means that you must be 16+ to attend with a valid ID, if you are under this age you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. If you do not have a valid ID, you will be marked as underage and not be able to purchase alcohol.


Q: I have a Blog, website, write for a paper, have a class assignment, can I get in free?

A: Typically artists will offer press passes for valid professional media requests. We may at times be able to assist with this, but your best bet it to contact the artist. Aspire Presents does NOT have the authority to approve press requests.


Q: Do any Aspire Presents concerts have reserved seats?

A: All concerts are General Admission, even seated concerts are first come first serve. If you purchased tickets to a seated only event, you will be guaranteed a seat. On rare occasions, a concert may have reserved seating, please check with the venue and concert notes.


Q: I love coming to your concerts! Are you hiring?

A: We actually have very few employees. We do have a handful of street team folks, and on occasion an intern or two. Interns are unpaid and can get school credit or just experience in running concerts.


Q: My band wants to open up for so and so…

A: We can dedicate an entire section to bands and band etiquette but we will keep it fairly short.

Whether we are allowed to have local / regional bands, groups, or artists open up for a show is up to the Touring Artists Booking Agent and Management.

If we are allowed to have an opener on a specific show, we have some very specific rules for opening up. Please contact Aspire Presents for requirements in opening a concert for a headliner or a tour.

Please be sure to put in the subject what you are wanting to do and be SPECIFIC. We receive a lot of requests and even more emails, so put who you are and what show you are asking about in the subject. Do not send an email every day asking us, do not send vague emails, do not ask about opening up a list of our largest shows, do not send separate emails asking to open every show.

Keep in mind that we like to work with bands that have, above all, hard work ethic and who are humble and honest.