Locals You Should Know: DMV Music Released In November and December

Boy was 2016 a great year for local music!  In the last two months there were so many bands releasing music we had a hard time narrowing down the list. But here it is!  Our list of great local bands from the DC/VA/MD music scene from November and December. Check’em out and maybe you’ll find your new favorite local band!

Nov - Dec Article

Released: November 5th
Genre: Electronic Pop
FFO: Chvrches


Manus Lush
Live at WRIR
Released: November 1th
Genre: Alternative/ post-punk
FFO: The Slits, HAIM


Julie Karr
Live at WRIR Activate
Released: November 5th
Genre: Alternative
FFO: The xx


Extant Deth
Extant Deth
Released: November 28th
Genre: Punk/Metal
FFO: Mastodon and Black Sabbath


Released: December 24th
Genre: Prog Metal
FFO: Tesseract


Monday Mistress
Released: December 23rd
Genre: Alt Punk
FFO: No Doubt


Venus Milo
Thanks & Apologies
Released: December 2nd
Genre: Indie Rock
FFO: Modern Baseball and Manatree


The Weak Days
Mr. Brightside
Released: December 25th
Genre: Punk
FFO: The Killers



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